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Copy that!

A good cure will sit in the fridge 12 hours after the brine. I like to brine my fish for about 8 or 9 hours then let it cold cure for another 12. It makes a noticeable difference one those flavors meld. I tend to go a little overboard on my brine by comparison of some other recipes I've seen but then again I've have noticed pretty good reviews from others who have used it.

I'll be smoking a nice batch here in about a week or so. I think the temps need to be just a little cooler during the day yet.
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I'm going to toss in a question now...

How long do you smoke for at 165-180 then? 'till it flakes? I'm doing salmon this weekend and this thread got me pumped up to do it!

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I'd go by internal temp....any more than 165 internal temp and I think it'd dry out. I don't trust myself enough yet to go by flaking.biggrin.gif
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Umm , still waiting on that roll of film to get developed ? icon_rolleyes.gif
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OK Boys and girls here they are. The reason it took so long...found out my usb port is at the back of my pc on my home come 'puter. The pc is in a compartment of my 'puter desk and the only way to get to it is to pull the desk away from the wall. If your desks look anything like mine you will understand why I didnt move it. So here I am at work handling the important stuff.
First is a pic of the filets....second is half an hour in after mopping...and the last pic I just wanted to show how flaky it was.
All in all a good smoke, I loved Dutch's maple glaze, however will definitely try brining next time. Thanks for watching my Qview and for all the tips.
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Good Job! Nice Qview! Makes me hungry!
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Thanks for the pics biggrin.gif

Looks great , nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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