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Quick site question please

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I notice alot of ya'll have a location line on your posts.. How do I add that?confused.gif thx in advance ..
post #2 of 7 the top of the page in blue there is a User CP button. You can go in there and make changes..
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Thx CG !!,, I went there a few times and missed it..still not sure..This post should tell me wink.gif
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woohooo..thx again !! also found out that " this forum requires that you wait at least 30 seconds between posts"..
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Hi Mike,

Welcome to SMF, i think you need to be a Premier member to see the detailled location. Normally you will just see the state.

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Like smoking meat... apparently slow is good here too...LOL! Hmm anyone in the Comcast markets has prolly seen the "Slowskis" commercials.

I wonder about the time limits. VERY annoying on rapid fire searches that I tend to do. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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no Jon, you don't need to be a premier member to do that.........
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