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Finally did it - ribs Memphis style

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One of my goals in getting a smoker was to recreate the ribs we used to get all the time in Memphis. I tried and tried on my grill and they all sucked. Part of that was the grill, but the other part was the cut of meat I was buying. So, armed with my new smoker and two successful Boston Butts under my belt (literally) I set out to do some ribs.

First, I bought baby back ribs; I had been buying spare ribs and they were like a big fatty pork chop on rib bones. I took the baby back and applied a rub from a famous restaurant in Memphis and let them sit overnight. Then, I got my smoker to temp, good smoke rolling and put the rib racks in. I smoked them for about 3 hours at 225, basting after the first hour with a spray bottle of apple juice. I then took them off and wrapped them in heavy foil with a splash of juice and cooked them for another two hours. Then, I just opened up the foil to let the steam out and left them on for another 45 minutes. They were pretty darn good if I say so myself; they were exactly like I was trying to create. I was pumped! Had to share...
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no q-view didn't happen.......j/k sounds good but a q-view would help....biggrin.gif
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Good for you man!
I only hope the rub wasn't from the neely's.

Sounds like some fine ribs.

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excellent! Sounds like you hit the jackpot.
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Oh Happy Day. Now ya got that figured out, whats the next quest?
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Sounds great!! Love to see some pictures.

What makes them "Memphis Style"? Is it the rub or the way they're smoked?
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My guess is it was Charlie Vargas rub (Rendezvous). Maybe Corky's, but I'm sticking with Rendezvous rub.
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Way to go, that' what it's all about
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Sounds good. Nothing much better than baby backs!
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If there was a prize, you would win. I'm going to be back in Memphis this weekend so I'm going to stock up on both as I like them both and can't get them here.
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Memphis style traditionally means smoked only with a dry rub, not sauce.
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Thanks! I can say I have done some ribs in the passed Memphis style. smile.gif
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My favorite style. You gotta have a great rub and a perfect smoke to get them JUST right. This weekend I BARELY wet my ribs with a doctored sauce...and din't like doing it, but it's expected sigh.
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The rendezvous is the second best bbq i've ever had. Best in memphis.

Nothing like back alley bbq.
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Found it online.

I just found the Charlse Vergos rub available online from their website.

I think I'm gonna give it a try! I LOVES ME SOME DRY RIBS!

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