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Pulled Pork Question

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I am smoking a couple of shoulders or butts Sunday...These will be pulled and then frozen to be used at a campout the following weekend...My question is should I go ahead and add the finishing sauce, then freeze the meat? Or add it as it is warmed to be eaten? It will be warmed in a crockpot...

Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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My suggestion would be to add the sauce while warming it up. If you freeze the meat with the finishing sauce, the acids in the cider will make the meat mushy.

Good luck with your smoke!
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i agree the vinegar will continue to break down the meat. freeze seperatly, reheat when ya ready, then add sauce...
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What ^^^^ said. Good luck!
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If your having your pork on sandwedges, I'd add the sauce as the sandwedge is made, and have a squirt bottle on the side so's ya can add a little more after every bite, or before every bite.
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I would do it when warming or putting the meal together.
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To add on to the answers you received I would also add that you should freeze the pulled pork with their dripppings.
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Oops, I had to much P in my drip.....
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What he said.
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More of the drippings.
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As others have said add during either warming or right at serving. However, I would suggest you de-fat and add the juice back to the meat before the freeze.
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Thanks everyone...I think you are right. I will prepare the finishing sauce at the camp ground then add it...

This is a great site indeed!!!

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