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I too need to weigh in:


I used a 4' deep stainless steel 1/2 pan and lid from a restaurant supply ( $4.00 used) and drilled 6 -1" holes in the lid with a hole saw. lip of pan fits right in the wire rack holders and it's been a dream. full pan smokes over 4 hours and I just dump out the ash.  I also bought a second to act as my water pan. ( retrofit was for a master forge vertical)


Good luck,




post #42 of 47 I bought mine used and it had a small door cut in the front for adding fuel without losing heat. Works good. I hope the link works.
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Thats a great idea- I use a vegetable cooker (Has all the holes in it you need for the air).

The secret was exactly that - getting air under the grate to keep heat going. You can not put it on the floor of the unit, there wouldnt be any air to keep the coals going.


I have used water from the beginning and cant imagine cooking with out it - it keeps everything moist. Sonce the temps I cook at are 225, that means the water is always boiling and I find all of this, if kept going, makes a great stable heat.


I have gone away from using wood - I use the charcoal with the wood impregnated inside of it, great smoke flavor - not too much. I also NEVER used lighter fluid in there !! Nobody should!!

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So here is the best way to do a smoker! Then you can smoke, cold smoke and cook. And with a large hopper you can smoke longer with out refilling as much. This box was free made of T6 aluminum and the size I like 36X24X24. 

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Seems like the grill area will be a huge heat sink? Or thered be a lot of wood used to get the temp to 225 after going thru another smoke chamber?

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Hey your on to something there...they call that a cold smoker! You smoke fish cheese and just about anything that you want to add smoke flavor with out heat. I can crank it up to bring up the temps. But that is what the hot side is for.

Say Cheese :o)

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ok - that makes sense ! Thanks

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