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smaller burner

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I have a gosm and it came with a 4" burner does any one know where to get a smaller burner say 3 ". Turkey fryers us small burners but I think are high presure where a smoker is low presure right? Yeah I know do the needle valve mod did that all ready but thought if I could get a smaller burner I WOULD DO THAT.
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Why are you looking for a smaller burner? Are you haveing trouble maintaining lower temps? And yes the turkey burners will not work.
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Lowest temp I can get is around 260 without the needle valve mod. But with the mod no problem but thought if I could get a smaller burner I would do that.
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You have done about the best mod for temp control on the GOSM. Be sure your top vent is wide open all the time. I also drilled 3 3/8th inch holes in the cabinet at the bottom at the burner level, Thats if you model dose not have lower vents. This seams to help with air flow and reduced temps. Of course temp control will not be a problem in the winter. Good luck.
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