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Looking forward to how this turns out, so far, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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well, I just put it up to rest for the night, I put it in one of those anchor insulated thingys you put the dishes in to carry and keep hot, wrapped that in a beach towel and put that in a cooler, I am gonna let it sit all night and work it up tommorow morning.

O yeah, this sucker is so dang tender and falling apart its awesome!! I'll post pics tommorow.

hope you all have a good night.
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One thing Krusher KEEP THE JUICES! Put em in the fridge and skim off the fat when it seperates. When you pull the meat warm up the juices and baste liberally and mix em back in. After doing this you probably won't need a finishing sauce. :)
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Sweet! Glad it worked out Krush! Q-VIEW! Q-VIEW!
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sounds awesome.
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here it is,, I got nearly 3 cups of juice out this morning and it's been sitting for about 30 minutes and hardly no separation. The meat,, man this thing is more tender than a butt, and had ALOT more yeild than with boston butt. Theres just no fat in that cut. here are some pics of the finished product:

I got nearly 3 cups of juices: I bet you cant figure out how I took this pic and the juices did'nt spill ;-)

here it is all pulled and ready for samiches:

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I could dive right into that!
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Man that looks good, wish it was lunch time! Great Q View too!
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here is dinner tonight, this is some good beef, any that havent done it should definately try out this smoke, lots of meat for your money. Raw sirloin weighed 9.30 lbs. and finished weight was 8 lbs. 6 oz. hope you all have a good weekend

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ya the sirlion tip is basically one muscle and theres no group to have marbeling in it. very lean.

looks like a good smoke on that one.

i just put one up with cure last night for pastrami. this one is venison though. the sirloin tips look like a goose egg in shape.
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It all looks great. Will someone PLEASE invent Smellivision!!!!
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Good Job Krusher/ We had faith in ya man.
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Great job Krusher, looks delicious. Amazing how tender and full of flavor that big hunk o meat can get isn't it. Points on the smoke and presentation.
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thanks smoking gun for the points and the inspiration.
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Now that looks like some good beef! Great job on that roast Krusher...
Wife says she wants one..biggrin.gif

I'll be adding this one to my bbq to do list for sure...
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