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9.70 sirloin tip with q-view

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I saw smoking gun do one of these and knew it had to be done here, I made his rub putty and poured on jeffs rub, let it sit overnight and onto the smoker this morning. I'm using oak, apple and cherry, and I'm gonna take it to 200-210 for lots of pulled beef!!

I took all the drippings from the tupperware that came out of the meat overnight and put it in a little pot with some apple juice and am reducing it right now for a mop.

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Looks good, Krusher. Looking forward to the Qview of the finished product.
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Dang Krusher, it ain't done but it's looking real good already.
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That's the hunk I usually get for jerky. Pretty lean for a pull I'd think, but I guess I'm not sure. Interested in the results. The prep sure looks good :{)
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i figure i'll wrap it in foil when it gets 150-155, that way it should have plenty of juice still left in it plus apple juice for the braise, I'm thinking it'll be alright.
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Lookin forward to the finish. Sounds like a plan. Good luck and have fun
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Do you use a finishing sauce when you are pulling beef?
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I have a sauce that I've used for years, and I'm debating on making that or making the brisket finishing sauce thats is a sticky.it is real good, but I'm thinkin I'll make my old faithful.
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Lookin good Krusher. You're gonna be lovin this. Be prepared for a long smoke though. IIRC mine took 18 hrs. I did have a 3 hour plateau though so maybe you'll get lucky. Lookin forward to the finished Qview.
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That's a good looking hunka meat Krusher...looking forward to your finished Qview.cool.gif
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here it is at 143, it's starting to slowly stop climbing so fast, I thing the stall is almost here.....

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here it is at 150, sure was goin awful slow through the 140's but I had everything ready to wrap it and back into the heat she went.

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SLICE IT NOW I say! Sure looks good tho mmmmm!
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LOL....I'm with Rich....."TEST" piece!!! Looks great!
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Looks Great. I look forward to the finished product.
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I did take off a slice, it was good, but I am going all the way with it, I put the reduction that I made this morning in with the foil along with about a cup of apple juice. I just hope it pulls...
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Me too! Rootin' for ya PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nummidy numm numzz PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Big Meat!

WOW Krusher, that's a biga meatballicon_exclaim.gif Looks good and anxious to see the results.
I see you go Uncle Sam too! Get most of my meat there, all been good so far!I like the case prices they give ya!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yeah, I get my meat at sam's, it's about 30 miles away but well worth the drive, we have a kroger in town and I stop by there 3 or 44 times aweek in the morning to see what they have on clearance, but usually there sall prices ar more expensive than sam's prices.
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