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is this a good thermometer

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My wife is there and wants to no if she should git it
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it looks pretty good. but you'll need two of them b/c there's no second probe to check your smoker temps. the ET-73 is about the same price and it specifically designed for a smoker. go get one right now...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Is there a place that sells them local. My wife doesnt like to order stuff of net
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hmmm. not sure my man...
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I'd look around at the local Menards (if you have one in Cali) or Lowes and maybe Home Depot.
You'll save money on the thermometers. $40.00 is a little steep. I got mine at Menards for $13.00 a piece.
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It's the exact same model as the one they sell at Williams Sonoma. I have one and while the temperature guage is acurate, the remote range is not. It probably costs more at Williams Sonoma than BBB.

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imho any thermometer other than them fork things are good. any way to make sure the meat temp is safe is good to me.however for the price i think i would go with the maverick.the ones i have are all acurites for 10 dollars or less
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I have to also vote for the Maverick ET-73, i love mine.

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thats right,, also just want to say that I had a problem with my food probe and called them today and tle them , they said no problem, they would send me one out. I asked if I had to send back my broken one and they told me no, if it don't work we don't want it.
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