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I want a Big Block GOSM, but where to find?

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I'm having a hard time locating a big block GOSM online. Has anyone seen one? If so, can you post the link to the web site?
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I have no idea where to find one but ya may want to try and locate a Smoke Hollow smoker. Then pretty much the same thing.
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Bought mine online from Home Depot. Not sure they are still offering it but check it out!

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try bass pro online
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You'r going to have to look hard. CFM went under and fewer and fewer are available.
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The Big Block still shows as available through the Basspro Catalog

If you've got a store nearby you can save on the $45 additional shipping.
If you really want one it looks like there is still a chance. Who knows how much longer you'll be able to get these.

As popular as they seem to be I find it hard to believe someones not going to pick up the product line and start to make them again? But since I've got the business acumen of a road killed 'possum, what do I know?
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Since you don't indicate where you live it's difficult to point you in a direction but the Walmart in Howell, Michigan had 2 on the shelf the last time I was there.
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If you have a wal-mart close to by you can go online and order store to site without any shipping costs. Pick it up at your store and check out before you take it home...

I just bought a 30" MES that way... Took about 6 days...

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Sears has come up with two models very simular to the GOSM.
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Wally world in Jacksonville, AR has the 20" model in stock.
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If you have a Gander Mountain close by take a look at the 38208G from Smoke Hollow. I think the cabinet dimensions are 38" tall x 20" wide and the retail is around $189.

I also saw the same model online at Price was a little higher due to the shipping charges but it still seemed reasonable to me.

Good luck.
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smoke hollow no.6

Hello all I have a smoke hollow no.6 after they sent me a new reg. it works great.Good customer service.I hear that GOSM is in bankruptcy.My question is on a cb smoke I can't get enough smoke any Ideas.I had better luck with my Little chief and a 4-5 hour cook inthe oven.A fattie at 225 had a 1/4 in.smoke ring the cb at 190 showed hardly any smoke.I am from central Oregon and I am gld I found you guys and gals
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Bass pro has them. The smoke hollow is almost identical in size, but does not have ANY vents on the bottom of the unit. It was a deciding factor for me when I got my BBGOSM two weeks ago.
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Critterhunter - If looking for answers to your question regarding smoke, you should probably start your own thread rather than hi-jack this one. I don't have an answer but think smoking at 190 might be a little low. And I'm not sure what cb refers to...

Plus... if you have not yet dropped by Roll Call and introduced yourself, please do so. And welcome to the greatest forum around!
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