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BBQ Newbie here! Hello to all...

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Greetings from the Pride of the Prairie, in Central Illinois. This would be the first forum I've EVER registered for, and I couldn't think of a better one. However, since I'm new at these, I don't know how to proceed or where to go for what I'm looking for....any help would be much obliged.

Background: Expert griller with about 10 - 15 years under my ever-expanding belt. About 9 months ago, I noticed a Brinkmann SNP (not the pro...this one has NO firebox) sitting in storage in one of our company warehouses. I found out who it belonged to and asked if I could "borrow" it, as it had been sitting there for about 3 years! Long story short - I'm now obsessed with creating great Q. I've read about all I can stand, and I've experimented 20 times with this cheap barrel smoker, but now I NEED to graduate! I'm not interested at ALL in electrics, propanes, verticals or any water each their own and if you love yours, Great! I'm only interested in the Horiz. Offset varieties...

I'll get right to the meat of it PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

I'm hoping ya'll can direct me to the right thread, or perhaps start a new one if needed...

I want to build an offset that will maintain fairly steady temps, that could cook for 10 - 15 people MAX, but will only be used for me and my family of four about 95% of the time. That's all I'm looking for. I have a good friend that is an expert welder who said that if I found the barrel, he could knock one out for me on a Saturday afternoon.

What do you recommend? I'm thinking 55 gal. drum, but I must have plans that include the offset FB. I don't know if reverse flow is necessary on a smoker this size, so if there are plans out there that include tuning plates or other specs that help regulate and even out the temps, that would be much appreciated.

And finally, I don't want a double or triple barrel, or Big Baby, etc...someday maybe a big-azz Lang PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif but until then, I want one that is the size of a typical backyard horiz. offset.

Who can help direct me to the plans I need to find for my welder friend, in order for him to make me the proud owner of a good smoker?
Please also let me know about places to buy good quality parts, like the vents, exhaust stack, grates, valves, etc.

Thanks to all!!!

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Welcome to SMF B. pretty tall order there. I'm sure your welder buddy can help with some of the stuff, and don't overlook the local muffler shop. On a grill the size you are considering, I'd think tuning plates will accomplish what yer after, but a reverse is doable in 55G size. check out some theory here:
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Welcome Bman, glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome Bman to SMF..glad you joined us
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Welcome buddy....Most people I know that weld for a living can pretty much fabricate anything with an idea and a pencil.... U can buy the fire box from lowes for 55 bucks...or fabricate something like the lang box...

I have found that temp holds a great deal better in a vertical and alot of people would like to have everything that you have stated but thats tough to get all those demands in a smoker without buying a lang in my opinion.

If I were u I would just look up the baby and fabricate what u want from that idea without the bottom drum. If ur guy fabs for a living he should be able to come up with something for u easy...Im a dum dum and built 2 of my own vert UDS
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Div -
HA! Yeah...guess it sounds like I'm being a little demanding, huh? :-)
Actually, the welder I know just told me that if I could find my own barrel, then it would make it a lot easier on me - as far as time and cost, I guess. I DID consider a firebox from Lowes - but he said he'd build me a square 3/16" steel f.b. to my specs - so I can't argue with that! I guess I just need some specs on home made offsets, plus I need to search for a barrel to make the smoke chamber out of. I'll take your advice though, and base mind off the Big Baby - that's a good idea, because this cat is a fine welder...he should be able to interpret.
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I got mine from a guy I know that works at a big bakery so it was a Veg. oil drum...u could check cafeterias, truck stops=lots of grease lol ... I even went to a nunery to check for one cause they have big cafeterias..

check this site...if u cant find the specs for the fire box mabye ur guy can devise one from a picture and some good pics from if u have a Tractor Supply store near u they have all sorts of wood stove crud that you can devise many ideas from and even mebbe get a hinged wood stove door for the firebox....

Let us know how its going and post some pics.... Nothing wrong with being demanding...That should help bring you a nice smoker...looking forward to seeing a nice seasoned cook from ya.
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I have no clue about building a smoker, just wanted to say "Welcome Aboard"
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Welcome aboard. Good luck with the build
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Bman welcome to SMF. One thing to remember when building a smoker is to build it a little bigger than you think you need because when you start turning out good "Q" you will have more friend than you think and they will all be hungry.
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Welcpme to the SMF, the feedback will just keep comin' on about smokers.
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Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you already have a handle on cooking. Looking forward to some Qview.
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Welcome aboard and glad to have you here.............
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