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Tri Tip Part Duex with Qview

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I'm really liking these Tri Tips, after smoking one last week, I knew that I needed a good piece of meat to feed the guys coming over for the Bucs game. I found a good butcher thanks to Vlap, (Oneco's Meats) that hand picks and tirms them for you. I got a 2.6 pounder, and it's like butter. My plan was to smoke it to 150° then foil and rest for an hour, then cut into strips for Fajita's.

I marinaded it over night in my special secret recipe, can you guess what it is??

I cut up some peppers, onions and mushrooms, and I tossed them in EVOO and some really cheap red wine.

Cut some of the best avacadoes I've found lately and made guacamole.

Pulled the pepper, onions, and mushrooms after 3 hours on the smoker, they were heavenly.

Pulled the Tri Tip after a hour rest (it took about 4 hours @ 210°) and sliced into thin strips, then cut the strips into thinner strips, and wala, Fajita meat.

Forgot to get a picture of the final project, but once the meat and fixin's hit the table it was a free for all. There were no leftovers............

I love the Tri Tip, and I'm going to be smoking a bunch more!
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LOVE tri tip, but I really LOVE gwack, looks awsome
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That is fantastic!
Great details and nice pics!!

I NEVER give points, but i am now! (you made me hungry) cool.gif
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Thanks for the Points and comments!! icon_smile.gif

It's funny when you mention if I'm from Texas; everytime I mention the cut Tri Tip, I either get a weird look, or I'm asked if I'm from California or Texas. The Tri Tip cut in these parts are pretty much unknown, the meat cutters here, either make sizzlers or grind them up as ground sirloin. cool.gif
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Thanks, smokebuzz, the guac was great, I just finished it off with the left over Torilla chips. smile.gif

bbq bubba, thanks for the points!! I really love southwestern cooking, it's just sooo good.biggrin.gif
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Very nice job.
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Excellent meal my friend, thanks for the Q VIEW. Funny how lately Tri Tips are the bomb. Glad you're enjoying that cut, no matter where you are, it's all good.
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everything looks great ! gotta get me one of those....
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NIce food. I think them Bucs even won. Great job.
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Nice lookin tri Solar. Looks like it has a nice smoke ring on the sliced pics.
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