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more bacon

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hello everyone

today i did 25 pounds of pork belly bacon i actually started it last night and the chips cought on fire and the smoker got really hot around 300 degrees it melted a lot of the fat i had about an inch of grease in the bottom of my smoker what a mess that was so i pulled the bacon last night and cleaned the smoker and put the bacon back into the smoker at 120 for another 8 hours today i think its going to be just fine

i used the morton tenderquick recipe and cured for 5 days and smoked using hickory on this batch we scraped the pig so i left the skin on it made for a nicer looking bacon here are some pics

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Mmmm Huey! Looks great and I bet it tastes fantastic too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice save SalmonC. Great looking.
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How can you not read a thread titled "More Bacon"? LOL! Nice save Huey... dang wood how dare it burn? ;{)
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Great looking bacon, Huey!

Thanks for sharing that one with us!

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looks great, I am gonna have to try this bacon, think I'll give the butcher a call tommorow.
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Huey, that looks so good. I need to find a pork belly and try this. I have heard all good reports on the pork belly bacon.
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the bacon turned out awesome its great stuff i used the morton tenderquick method and cured for 5 days the cool thing is we got 2 more pigs to butcher so i will have lots of bacon we may butcher the last two next weekend should be fun
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