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Do you know SPECK?

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Don't know how many of you are deep into curing.

This is my home cured prosciutto that I cold smoked, creating an Italian product known as SPECK. I did 4 of these full leg old world cures. This one has 8 months hang aging on it. I did use the mineral seasalt from Italy to cure it and hung it at 8500 ASL to get the mountain temperature differentiation that is required to produce a prosciutto or serrano ham.

The next tasting will be at 14 month for the Valentines dinner. Then the 20 month party for the Speck at next years winefest.

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love prochutttt dang fine lookin hunk there...give me my next fattie idea
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Looks great bbally.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dang... new one to me. What were the spices and cure you used? Smoked? I'm gonna take a run at the proscuitto this fall, but was gonna try the more usual pressed.

On edit..I just noticed the smoked part. Was too wrapped up in the beautiful picture :{)
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I thought speck was italian porkbelly smoked over beachwood and herb? From Tyrola (sp) in Itialian alps near germany? Coldsmoked yes but I thought prosciutto was ham and speck was porkbelly? Looks good man and many here Cure/smoke bacon im no expert there ore many here that are...but looks good like ham prosciutto great job man.
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The cool thing about this piece is it is a complete salt cure. Salt and salt mineral are all you use in the beginning. I finished with paprika and then a little cold smoke.

I am walking the fine line between Serrano ham and Proscuitto here... but doing it on purpose since they are very similar. I actually leaned more on the Serrano side since I do not press the hams.

Final stages (the next 12 months) are flour sacks coated with lard and seasalt with full mineral, wrapped and hung at 8400 ASL through the winter freeze and spring thaw, into the summer temp cycle. Then unwrap and see what happened.
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I think you are referring to the German Speck, which is more like salt pork, but smoked.

This is Italian Speck, made from the ham section.

Both carry the same name.
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NOW I know why your name is bbally... LOL! You got chutzpah fo' sho! I hope I live to see the result. Even better, I hope to taste it. Wanna do a trade?
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Have vacuum packer, will always trade......
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Allright. I gotta come up with something worthy. Not like I have to rush tho ;{)
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Sorry I guess i dont know Speck...wonder how many would know they are both the same word speck. german and itialian one bacon one ham,LOL my bad
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Or is it me that does not know Speck?

Until you asked I did not know the German Speck was a product with the same name.
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at whole foods market we used to sell a speck prosciutto.
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