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I'M NOT LAZY TODAY!!! w/qview

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hey everyone..
today i did not feel like being lazy and sit around the house today so i have a old ecb that i haven't cooked on in years....
so i cleaned itt up and a slight mod to it and it is back up and running...it is kinda of nice to use because my oklahoma joe is so big hate to use it for little items like brats ( which i'm doing now ) got some some pics of it all...take a look and see what you think

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doctor phreak has johnsonville brats! doctor phreak has johnsoville brats ! biggrin.gif
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ahhh.........the old randyq mods i see...........gotta LUV the ecbs, wether old style or the gourmet. And i agree bout starting up a big ol sfb unite for summin small..............

btw mike.......posted my review of the sausages with pics
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well i know two thing about this newly mod old ecb....
man can it put out some heat..2 things i came to relized using this today
1. need to use wood chunks instead of small logs..( all i have is pecan logs )

2. and let the charcoal burn down for an hour or so

don't know if i put too many holes in the charcoal pan or what but boy it put out the heat and really i only used about 1 - 1-1/2 lb of charcoal and i was getting temps up to 362 easy and for awhile ...so lesson today is use my ecb a little more and tune it up and get used to it ...again...anyway here is the pic of the brats they really didn't smoke but with temps high enough were kinda grilled..so like they say try try again...more in the future.....

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Just did some Johnsonville Brats on my ecb Fri. They are a fun little smoker, and yes, they can get HOT.
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yeah mike, you have to many holes in your fire pan.........its not like the gourmet, where you can adjust heat by controling the center hole in the fire pan holder...........with the reg ecb.........you need to mod the fire pan like this


this way you can control better the air inflow into the pan
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