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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it seems every butt I do takes 12 hours.

This week I had a 4.5 lb butt that took 12 hours to the minute.

Using a GOSM, butt on the second to bottom rack. Temps on 2 thermos steady at 220. Foil at 165 & pull at 205.

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have you ever checked the inside temps with a sep digi thermo? or going by the OEM gauge that came with the unit?

also.........try bumping your temps up to 250............
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Yup. I have the Maverick Redi-chek that has one probe for the smoker & one probe for the meat. Both appear to be fairly accurate.
post #24 of 28 do i........mite then want to bump the heat up abit. you smoking in windy conditions? wind will steal heat also
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No wind whatsoever. Since I had to move recently due to job relocate, I have a car port that is enclosed on 2 1/2 sides. Odd setup, but wonderful for smoking in bad conditions!!!! Never affected by rain, wind, or snow.

I'll try to bump it up to 250 next time (I mean next week). I just hated to push the top end to keep it low n slow & to avoid temp spikes.

At least with the redi-chek it'll let you know if there's a problem.
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to me, anything between 225 and 260 is low and slow......been doing my butts at 250 all along..........still comes out tender as a old maids love....
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I am being to think each and every butt has its own personality.
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true story marcus, true story..........also with briskets.........same thing
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