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Help please

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Hi all,

I have had a butt (4.5lb) on the smoker since 14:20 at a fairly constant 225, it's now been on for 7 hours and still at 153 and not moving, it seems to have stalled since 146 and risen slowly, 2 hours plus.

I know the oven is frowned upon but any suggestions, the only other option i have is to leave it where it is and throw it away :(

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1st make sure your thermometers are working right. 2nd, if they are, just hang in there. Temps will come up. You'll be happy you left it alone.
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the longest stall i've ever had was 2 1/2 hours, is there ash blocking your vent ? that's the only other problem i can think of.

good luck, mark
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Thats a fair piece a time, but long as it's a movin up, it'll get outa that stall sooner er later. Right now that meat is soakin up a bunch a heat an breakin down the tissue, thus makin it tender. Hang in there, yall be fine.
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Theromoeters are accurate, however i think the new fuel may be the issue re ash.

Have just foiled @ 160 and hoping for the rise. I was planning to pull @ 205 is that OK ot can i remove it to rest earlier?

Thanks for all the advice! :)

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I generally pull mine at 195 fer a nice one hour rest in a cooler, then pull.
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dude, there have been stalls reported here over 8 hours if not more......
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I've had much longer stalls, 2 hours is usually a given, 3 or 4 hours not uncommon.

Patience grasshopper and you will be rewarded.
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Thanks all for the help.

It's now at 169 after 8 hours and foiled, somehow i don't think my 8am meeting is going to happen lol..

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true dat Ron, true dat.........2 hours is about normal, unless you had the speedracers WE had at the gathering..........

LOLOL Ron........just noticed your line under your name........EASTERN IOWA..........LOVE IT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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you should.........what is it there for time.........9-10 pm?..........foil that well, wrap it in blankets, and stuff in a cooler.......a insulated ice chest, like you put beer in to take to a od party.............our speedracers stayed HOT for 11 hours.........too hot to handle that hot...........you be fine
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That is gonna be some FINE pulled pork, mate! Way to hang in!
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It is going to be worth the wait.
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I remember my first butt at 5 lbs took 9 hours and 17 lbs of charcoal. I can now turn out 8.5 lb butts in 7 + hours, with the help of mods and tricks of the trade.
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Man am I glad I read this thread. I was going to do my first butt and planned on about 6 hours. 3-2-1 = 6

I guess I should give myself some leeway so Din Din doesn't happen at 11pm instead of 6pm thanks for the heads up on the stall time. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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GB......3-2-1- is for RIBS, not butts.........you put the butt str8 on........till it reaches either 160-165-170, THEN foil........and expect a stall of some kind, and who KNOWS how long that will last.............1.5 hours, PLUS stall
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What he said.
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Cheers all, it finally came off about 2:30am.. 12 hours and 20 mins in the smoke. Pulled it this morning after resting overnight and man does it taste good :) It was difinitely worth the wait :) pics to follow.

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12 hours for A 4.5 LB BUTT ?
I'm just glad I've got an electric job - stuff seems to be much quicker, maybe it doesn't lose as much heat ?

How much charcoal did you use jon ?
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Yeah, it was a shock to me too, the last one i did at just under 4LB took about 7 hours.

i used about 8KG of lump.

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