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Hello All

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Just stumbled on the site looking for info on seasoning a grill. Currently building a trailer rig (smoking at the causeway). Great site.
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welcome aboard, hope to see some pics of yur trailer rig build and some when it's finished and in action.
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welcome to smf brian!!! keep us updated on your build and even pixs of it!!! its funny how many of us "stumbled" upon here...
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welcome to SMF-aint that the truth erain.
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Glad ya joined us at SMF, definitely hope to see pics of your rig as it gets setup.

Do you have experience smoking meats, prior to building your own rig? What's your favorite type of wood used? Some of us are nosey and want to know a little more about ya! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Big welcome!
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Welcome to the SMF family. Looking forward to seeing pics of the smoker that you are building.
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Hey,Brian! Welcome and keep us posted.
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Welcome to SMF! Lots of pitmasters here, and some aspiring to be. Keep your eyes open for "pro" tips too! Enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF from one stumbler to anouther Welcome i was surfing and came across this sight no use to go any where .got it all here I was looking for new rib rubs and have kicked up my que quite a few knotches....All walks of life, ages and all over the globe,,,,well ok ,glad your here...
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Welcome aboard. We will look forward to some of your Q-view. I would love to see you trailer rig also.
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Welcome to SMF , good luck on the build.
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Welcome Brian! I'd love to see your smoker built too. :)
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Thank you for joining our SMF family!
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WElcome to the smf...Glad to have you here.................
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