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once i am out, i am going to do what i want to .... and try to fill my life with people that i enjoy having around and that enjoy me being around as well ....

right now the main thing that is hitting me, is that i know why this is happening, but i know that she won't even think about it till i am out ... and loosing something i have had around for 10 years ****ing sucks ...

seeing how the kid is doing tho, and how he is handling it .. and hearing what he has to say and wants to do .. hurts .. but helps me at the same time .. lets me know i did at least influence him and his future ... so something good is going to come out of it ...

work today sucked ... i did laugh ... my coworker and her husband made sure of that ... but i still cried .. a lot ... i tried to stay busy and stay on the phone or whatever but it did not help ...
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Tough Day, I am sure,

Hang in there bud, I am sure that you will always remember this day, just because of your situation and the events that are happening all at once.

I know I thru a lot at you in my last E-mail, so I will keep it short. I am thinking of you, and I know that good things always come from bad things because we learn from them.

Does your work/job cover the cost for family support/council?

You should get some help from them even if your wife isn't ready to go, I am telling you, you will get something really good from it, do it for the boy if you need an excuse. It is difficult to get through this or possibly fix this without really good support/skills---why not get it from someone who does it every day? If you go get guidance, they will not take a side, tell you how to make or what to make for decisions, but they will give you skills, helping you to know better what will make you happy. You are number one.

Sometimes people can be happier after realizing certain patterns and changing them thus adapting and if the other side adapts too, then all is well, other times not, but at least you can say you tried. Finding these specifics is very hard to do without a 3rd neutral party.

These things are always deeper routed than the obvious surface crap.

Hang in there,

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I've been thru it and its not a fun thing. I does get better over time. How long depends on so many things. Hang in there, we are all pulling for you.
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Ok, you are in the pits right now, in the gutter, feeling like **** (sorry for the swear word, but I am sure that's true). Think of this as opportunity. So much can change in such a short amount of time. Heck, it only took our government a short few years to run the economy into the tank. So, feel your pain, embrace it, know that a stranger across the country is pulling for you, and that as soon as you get over the initial hurt, that freedom and independence is going to feel mighty good to you. That is power, that is control. That is knowing you own your destiny. Make nice with the X, keep the kid close, and move on.

Best of luck, man. Find peace wherever you may go. And, if all else fails, eat some kick arse smoked meat and hang out around here with all the other kind folks looking after the smoking meat family. They're the best...
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