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New to SMF. Been smoking for years. Not a big crowd of eater at my house. I have been guest for years,learned a lot. Love to make smokers.
ECB gas
Horizontal 55 gal smoker
Char-broil gas grill
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Welcome Fugs... plenty of folk here who share your passion for sure! Enjoy!
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No Bang No Bird
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Welcome,glad to have many Home built smokers here and many love to build plans drawing up and puting together,...
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welcome, can't wait to see picks of your projects!
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Welcome to smf Fugs. This is a good place to show off some pics of your smokers.
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Welcome,Fugs(that doesn't sound right)...

If I understood you correctly, you don't have many in your household that likes Que. And you've been lurking here for a while picking up tricks and tips and you like to smoke stuff? Well , this is the place to be and as for those that don't like BBQ,just give em some once or twice a week and they'll soon be begging for more!LOLicon_idea.gif
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Used to have that problem here too, solved it with 321 ribs, fattys and pulled pork. Now smoking is requested. Wrap a couple of sweet potatoes in foil and do the whole meal and give the wife the day off, that never hurts either. Another thing to give them is Dutch's baked beans, that works wonders
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Welcome Fugs.
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Welcome Fugs.... I had the same problem with my in laws not ever coming to my bbqs till the other day when finally after much coaxing they tried my pulled pork . Ok Just a taste they said. Pretty soon they were having seconds and thirds. By the time they had all had many tastes it was all gone. PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif

As a result this afternoon my sister in law showed up with a large pork butt and wanted me to show her how to cook it for supper in about an hours time. hahahaha I explained that it took me just over 8 hours last Sunday to smoke the pulled pork She had liked so much.
Untill my Wife backed me up My sis in law thought I was pulling her leg*. (lying thru my teeth*)

So we ordered Pizza for tonight and I have her pork butt rubbed and in the fridge for dinner tomorrow.
I may have started something I will come to regret. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Still I got free pizza out of the deal.
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Welcome Fugs! Glad to have ya here.

GnuBee, sounds like you probably did start something. biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the best smokin' site on the net, SMF that is.
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of knowledge here.
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And it's not limited to butts... or in-laws.
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Welcome to the smf..............
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Welcome aboard and enjoy.
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