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krusher, any way, after these have risen the last time in the pan, maybe freezing half? so i can put like 4 in a 9x9 pan. when i DO sweets i do em BIG. but not even ONE pan full of yours, let alone TWO pans..........they end up drying out.............
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Uh, cut the recipe size. Make a smaller batch.
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uhhhhhhhhh.........would be nice just to pull em outta the freezer, thaw, and pop in oven..........then getting the kitchen all messy.......YA THINK???
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should be just fine to freeze after they have risen for the second time, I just make a whole bunch of them and the family gets wind of it and next thing you know they have taken them all. I make this many so I can get maybe two of them !! My little girl took one in her lunch and gave a bite to her best friend and her freind reached over and bit her so she would drop it and she coul get it, so my little girl bit her back and got it back from her. kids......
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You raised her right :)
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I have had surgery twice on both my hands, can I use my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook on it for the kneeding?
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I do not see a problem using a Kitchen Aide mixer for this type of dough. Just do not overdo it or the dough will cook up hard.

Hope your hands are happy!

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I made this today and it was great. Used the Kitchen Aid with the dough hook to bring it all together then kneaded it by hand. Great.
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Excellent looking rolls. I'm a nut for good cinnamon rolls, but I never take the time to bake my own. I will be trying a batch of these as soon as time allows. Thanks for the postPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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We are having the same thing at the hospital I work at. They can't limit our OT, because when they need us, they need us. But what they are doing is sending us home early during our shift if it is slow and we have earned OT. Cost Improvement Days they call them. I get no answer when I ask management what they are doing (that hurts their wallet) to improve costPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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should'nt be a problem, I have used the dough hooks to knead it but like monty said not to long, i knead them about 3-4 minutes when I use a machine insead of 10, they will do good for you I am sure.
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Thanks Krusher biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the recipe Krusher they look great. I had made CR's before but I would like to try your recipe out. COPIED
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Walkingdude. If you freeze a yeast dough do it after the first rise.
ex let dough rise, punch down, roll out fill, roll up ,cut and freeze.
If you freeze it in the greased pan, wrapped well, leaving the neccesary space. You can pull them out of the freezer 24 hours before you need them and theyll proof right in your fridge. Remeve plastic and bake. If you want them to rise faster you can still proof them. lol I use my dryer. Let it run with a wet towel for 10 minutes then open door and put your wrapped pan in there and whatever you have will proof.
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What an awesome recipe, complete with qvue!!! Points to you for sharing this sweet!
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Looks amazing I have a feeling this would get me liking cinamon rolls
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Wanted to Bump this back up for any newbie thats looking for something new to try. They are great.
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Yummy! points!
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I did up a batch of these last weekend, and they are fantastic! The first part of the dough recipe is a little misleading where it says to mix water yeast and sugar then set aside. Then it says to mix remaining sugar with flour etc. I assumed this meant mix the tsp. of sugar into the yeast and water, and the 2/3 cup into the flour, although it doesn't make that clear. That seemed to make sense to me. In any case they turned out great and I can't wait to do them again.
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I made these rolls today and they are FANTASTIC! I have never made cinnamon rolls before and never thought that I could, but this recipe was easy...though a bit time consuming, but for the results it is totally worth it.

Kudos to the OP. This one is definitely going in my recipe book. I cut the recipe in half and still made 12 cinnamon rolls. Mmmm :)

Hey, does anybody know if it is better to store these baked rolls in the fridge, freezer, countertop etc? I don't expect them to last more than three days.
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