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WSM question

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this is my 1st smoke with this baby and it seems to be a step up from my i leave the top vent wide open and control heat with the bottom vents?
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That is the way to do it. Always leave the top vent open, closing it will simply keep the smoke and heat trapped inside, and the fire will not burn well. Creosote will follow and you do not want creosote. I inadvertently left the top vent closed on a cook, it was dark outside, and I couldn't figure out why my temps weren't rising. Finally noticed the vent was closed. Opened it up and all was well. At the end of the cook I noticed that the inside of the dome had all this gooey stuff stuck to it. Creosote. Very tough to clean of. Fortunately the small amount of beef jerky survived, and was not too bitter. Lesson learned.
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thanks...thats kinda what i thought but i wanted to double check...any other tips or suggestions about this smoker?
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Make a charcoal basket out of expanded metal. It will make it easier when you have the long smokes like pork butts.

I have gone almost 11 hours on one load of charcoal.
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is there a pic posted somewhere so i have an idea about the basket? ive seen so many pictures of mods and upgrades they tend to blur together!!
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I've stopped using water in the pan. My 18 year old son was grossed out by the greasy mess after a cook and so next time I tried a ceramic flower pot bottom in the water pan. Just foil the two together and put in place. Works perfectly. A real easy clean up, no water level to maintain and good temp. management. Try it, you'll like it.
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One thing that I've done to extend cook time is to use a fire brick as a baffle.
I place the brick on it's edge, placed so one end is in the center and the other end is at the edge of the charcoal ring. Makes a C shaped space. I fill the ring with lump and wood chunks, leaving a small space for the lit lump at one end of the C. Add a 1/2 chimney of lit lump, and you are all set for hours and hours.
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Mine is kinda small,8x8 or so, but works great for me.This is the only time it ever seen briquettes, week momenteek.gif

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Here you go.

If I can make one then you know it's easy, lol.
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Thread Starter when i use it i put a lit chimney on top of a basket full of unlit then right? how long does that usually last.....i may also try the fire brick baffle like smokin dick said above
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With mine i can get 4-6 hours, a large one like rons may run 12+ hrs.
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I got about 11 hours when I use the minion method.
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im sorry i misread...i thought you wrote 4-6 hrs icon_eek.gif.....i have an ecb so i dont think that long is possible wink.gif 1.5 hrs....thats what im used to
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any other tricks i should know about?
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I RARELY use mine. I got a small grill that fits where the pan was, and wrap it in foil...toss after the cook.
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