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the tbl of fresh red pepper flakes, plus the addition of the hungarian hox wax peppers added PLENTY of heat............icon_smile.gif
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those DO sound & look real good Steve-gonna have to try them.lil smokies sound good.
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Those look great!!!
I know I will make them.
Hey in your picture, the brine looks thick, did the sausage make it into a jello? That would be cool to use for something, not sure on what yet, but we should work on that.

Points for making the talking into doing!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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naw........ not thick AT i said, should of thinned the was a bit tart......but thick.......not a bit..........perfect in diff from pickled peppers you buy in a store........
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Whats wrong with Oly? Drank a ton of that stuff in High School. It's the water......and a lot more......water. Anyway, so this will make 4 pints? The wife loves summer sausage. Wonder how that would work? The little smokies sounds pretty good too. Just need to get some jars and I'm set.
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sorry, but ole isn't much better than coors......LOLOL....yeah, its the water.......bout it.......water........LMAO

yeah, 2 quarts=4 pints........but with using pints, i would go with lil smokies............won't take much to fill a pint with larger dia. sausages........
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Lil smokies it will be then. Shoulda done this today. Haven't done anything but watch football.
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cut the recipe in half, in case you need to make some changes, if you are doing pints..........but really, give the larger sausages a wife has..........BWAYHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........i am SO bad.........
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Sounds great. I usually do a couple 1 gallon jar batches 2 or 3 times a year. Slightly different recipe. I usually make 1 batch with Jalapenos and one batch with Jalapenos and habaneros for some extra heat.

When I poor in the mixture and don't have enough to completely cover the sausages I just add a little bit of water. So far they've all turned out great.
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getting ready to do these doc, did you do any mods to the recipe?????????
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Been saving up mayo jars for the very same thing; got 4 already. I've done pickled sausages since forever, from the time I tasted my 1st one at Bob's Restaurant on my 18th birthday (old enough to drink back then!) and did up a batch as soon as the hangover went away and I could actually look at food.
I don't put the veggies in with the sausages, just a couple strips of peppers for color. I pickle up veggies separate; cabbage, onion, peppers (hot and sweet), baby carrots and corn all tossed into jars with the same pickling sauce. Basically like your's; ½ water, ½ white vinegar, pickling spices, whole garlic cloves, salt, pepper, a 'touch' of red pepper flakes and oregano and a bit of sugar. Let pickle for 2 weeks before I eat them, and try to make them last for 2 more weeks or so (but it's sooo hard to resist every night I get home from work not to have a couple!). A couple sausages, a fork or two - full of veggies, a cold one or three... yummm..!
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Just tell me that pub wasn't the Front Row???icon_sad.gif
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