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smoking the point w/q-view

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Well I got that monster brisket all cut up this morning and tossed the flat in the freez, but decided to do the point, and try out my luck.

I seared it pretty good and made some my favorite memphis rub to throw on after the sear. Using apple juice to mop and applewood. Gonna take it to 200 and see if she pulls.

I could'nt get the lump to get hot enough for some reason, its raining down here and about 60 degrees, maybe I did'nt put enough in there, so I use the gas grill to sear it.

I'll have some more pics later.

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Lookin' good so far krusher.
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Probably a newbie question but...why did you sear it first? If it's to keep the juices in, won't the outside get enough 'smoke-seal' to do the same thing?
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that is an ongoing debate on here, when you sear the meat, I am mainly burning the fat on it. You know when you grill a steak how good that little bit of carmelized fat on there tastes? When you sear before you smoke I turn the fat side up so the fat renders and bastes itself. It also like you say holds in the juices, to make for a more juicy piece of meat. Give it a try sometime, I am sure you will like it. I know ther are others on here that can tell more about the benefits of searing so just chime right in, I dont care if the thread changes directions, especially if it helps out someone that is curious.
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Searing is for flavor........nothing doesn't keep any juices in at all. It has been proven time and time again (not talking about SMF members) but the myth lives on.

If I remember correctly there is a good section in "On Food and Cooking" that talks abit about it..........just for flavor nothing else.
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Yeah, the steak fat comparison puts it into context. Good stuff! icon_smile.gif
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Here's the book FB Joe was talking about:

Type 'searing' into the search box and go to the explanation on p. 154.

Hope this works!

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Looking great so far. Waiting for the result pictures.
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here it is , it pulled apart real nice, and tasted real good. I made the brisket finishing sauce mnus the bourbon, and it was delicious. thats gonna be my new sauce. here are some pics, I hope you all have a good weekend.

here it is when it was ready to go in the foil:

all pulled and ready to eat
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Ohhh man, your killin me! That looks GREAT!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Wish ya wouldn't have skipped the bourbon thouPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif LOL! Great job krusher!!! And ya got the flat yet....Tomorrow???
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Nice pull Krusher.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I don't know about tommorow, I got it in the freezer right now, we got a flu in the house and it seems to be kickin our butts one or ( ar as for right now ) two at a time, but sometime soon I'm sure, as for the bourbon, its best I dont have it in the house, I' ve been clean and on the right side of the law since 6-2002 when I gave my life to the Lord and I think I'll just avoid the temptation.

But if you haven't tried that sauce you should do it, it's wonderful.
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my mouth is watering...
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That looks GREAT!! cool.gif
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Awesome to hear. I tell you... That is the best modification/conversion anyone could ever make.
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