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How long

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Just trying to gauge when I need to start my brisket tomorrow morning. I got a 13.5# packer going in. Need to get it done for dinner tomorrow night. Just curious, anyone that's done some lately, how long have they taken? This isn't my fist brisket, but this is the first for one so large.

Thanks everyone!
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depends on alot of things. what kind of smoker, weather, wind ect. If I was doing one that big, I would plan on 12-14 hrs myself. 12 in the pit and 2 in the cooler! But I am using a woodburner and running around
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Rob personally if I'm going to try to eat it the same day I figure 1.5 hours per lb then add about 3 hours. If I hit a plateau it takes away from the 3 hours if I don't hit a plateau it spends longer in the cooler resting. If you hit a super long plateau dinner could be late and if you get a speed brisket you may have to watch temps in the cooler but it usually works out about right for me.
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Take Piney's advice and allow for some extra time, remember it's better to finish early and let it rest in a cooler than be rushed at the end. Your brisket will stay very warm for many hours in a cooler with the brisket wrapped in a towel. My packer was about the same size and the stall lasted 3 hours, I think it took about 15 hours from smoker to plate.
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You guys are awewsome, thats about what I was figuring. I have a Camp Chef 24" gasser, usually keep my temps between 240 and 250. Going to be cooler and rainy here saturday but I can at least keep the rain off of it. Looks like I'll be rising bright and early tomorrow to start this bad boy. I'm hoping to have it on by 5 at the latest, which hopefully would have us eating around 7. Possibly try starting it earlier, I wouldn't hesitate to pull and all nighter except I expect the party to go late into the night and don't want to pass out at 8. LOL. I also don't want to just leave it go alone all night.
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Rob 240-250 will cut your cooking times down and good luck with the smoke hope the weather doesn't give ya to much trouble.
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Thanks Piney, hopefully the rain holds off. Happy smokes to all this weekend!!!
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