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I'm back

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feel like I should re introduce myself, I've been gone so long.......I had my eyes lasered and was off the computer for awhile.....just makin sure the eyes would heal before staring at the screen for hours.....then the computer had to go in the shop (twice) what a pain.
but I'M BACK now.
Hope everyone is doing fine and eating well.
I got some catching up to do!!!
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Welcome back Gremlin! Hope every thing is good in your world now.
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Welcome back, glad you got the peepers fixed
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Glad your eyes are better Grem. Welcome.
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Lots of new folks around! Good thing you got peepers have some reading to do! Glad to hear!
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Welcome back Gremlin!!
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Welcome back glad things have allowed you to return
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Welcome Back, My Friend!

I was just about to send the St. Bernards out on a search and rescue mission. Problem was keeping the kegs full!

Good to know that you are well. So, how has the laser thingy worked for you? I am considering it in the not too distant future.

Looking forward to your continued posting here!

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So good to see you back, and in good health too! I always get a good feeling when a member returns to the SMF. Great day.
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Thanks everyone for the welcome.
Feelin great. Getting the eye surgery was a piece of cake really.
The recovery was fine ..I just took a little extra care by not straining the eyes on the computer or any other bright lights for awhile.
I highly reccomend it to anyone who is considering it.
The actuall surgery took about 15 minutes and it's can read when you walk out of the office but that is short lived as the eyes adjust to the surgery.
I still need readers for reading but that's fine by me. $20 dollar wallmart cheaters instead of the $300+ prescription glasses.
No more wipeing rain,fog and snow from the lens' while trying to see.
They can in some instances fix it so you can read but they can't fix have to choose the one that's best for you. For me anything closer than 20 inches or so or really small type is a bit blurry.
I obviously went with the distance. My vison now is 20-10 and that is better than 20-20.
I did lose some night vision but that may improve over the next little while.
Talk to you later.
Play Safe
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