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does size matter?

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lol... of course it does, but I was just wondering what size dutch oven y'all would recommend for a beginner.

I haven't done any dutch oven cooking since I was a kid in boy scouts, and I'm thinking I'd like to try it again. So I'm just curious as to what size would be a good all around D.O.?

Also, are there any brands that are better than others? things I should look out for? Thanks!
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10 inch lodge maybe a 12 inch. i like lodge, but tip (travcoman45) had, i THINK camp chef type at the gathering, that were nice also..........they are made so you can stack em on top of each other, while cooking/baking
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As a scout leader, we use them a lot. But we do cook for a lot of people. I think a 10 is best to start with. Then a 12, or maybe a deep 10 or deep 12. I do use a 14 quite a bit, but it is heavy!

I had always liked Lodge the best. But I broke down and bought one from Cabelas and it is pretty darn nice too.

Bright Scouter
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You'll love the Dutch oven cooking! I use both Dutch ovens (no feet, plain lid) and camp ovens (feet and lid with rim) regularly. The #10 is a great first oven.
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Mike, I agree you are going to love dutch oven cooking. Better just go ahead and get a whole set. lol biggrin.gif
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Only if you come over and show me how to use it! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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anyone watch CeeDubbs tv show?.........he did a GREAT job of showing how to do DO cooking...........
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Heck Mike, I'd do all of the cooking if I getta go camping at that beautiful lake you go to!!biggrin.gif
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any time you want! Though ya better hurry up, in another month or so it's going to be covered in several feet of snow. Great cross-country skiing around the lake in winter though!
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lol Bet that's right. I noticed in your camping pictures, you all were wearing long sleeves. Probably pretty cold up there at night now.

Hmmmmm I could leave my tent AC at home and bring a heater. biggrin.gif
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yeah, it wasn't too bad if you were in the sun and the wind wasn't blowing, but when it did blow it was coming right down off the glaciers, it would drop about 20 degrees in a couple minutes.

LOL, yeah a heater would be much more practical than an AC. But then again, all the more reason for a nice campfire! biggrin.gif
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or a double sleeping bag.........LOLOL
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Heck yeah Mike, I enjoy a good campfire.biggrin.gif

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12 inch dutch oven is nice ta start with cause many a the recipes out there are geared towards that.

As fer brands, I have both lodge an camp chef. Both er excellent DO's. I'd buy what ever be available in yer area ta save on shippin cause they are heavy.

I have 3 12 inchers an a 8 inch, fer just two people the 8 incher works out real nice, ya just gotta resize yer reciepes is all. Take good care that iron an it will last fer many liftimes.

Camp Chef has the lewis an clark addition still available, which is kinda neat to. Course after the dutch oven ya gotta have cast iron pans an bread pans an..... well yall gonna get hooked an find all sorts a thins ta buy made a cast iron. Good luck an enjoy!
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