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Cheating time on Pulled Pork Butts

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All Y'all (plural in KY),

I am doing a fund raiser this weekend. I do fund raisers from time to time, and do chicken and brats. But this time they want pulled pork sandwiches.

I have cut butts in half before to speed things up - what are your thoughts on this? I've also done the pork sirloin chunk - it is already in two small pieces - does great in 5-6 hrs.

I need these rascals to be done in about 6-6.5 hrs - serving at 1pm.

Can we cut these without issues? Any ideas or thoughts?

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I have also cut butts into smaller chunks, once it's pulled, not too much to complain about. This is my experience which doesn't mean it'll work for everyone.
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once its pulled?
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I want to Cheat time on Pulled Pork Butts, ideas?

I am thinking it won't hurt - just more barQ and it is such a moist cut.....

10 lbs = 15 hrs, 5 lbs = 6 hrs?
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Smoke them the day before. Once pulled, put the meat in food saver bag/bags, refrigerate untill the event. If you have access to a stove or other type of burner, get you a large pot of boiling water going. Once to a boil, toss the bags in the boiling water, unopened, reduce the boil to a simmer. Let it go for around 5 minutes, or however long it takes till you think it's warm enough. Gut open the bags, put in a foil tray and cover. I have done this several times. Food tastes just like it was off the smoker. HTH
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I always put my left over pulled pork in a big throw away tin pan and put it in the oven for about 30 min. at 225*. It always taste just like the day i smoked it.

but If you want to do the smoking that day just go buy some 4-5 lbs butts and smoke them all at the same time.
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How hot can your smoker run? If you can hold 325 -350 you can have the butts done in 5 or 6 hours without an issue.
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This is a great tip. They are looking forward to me being out there with the rig, so I could fudge some if need be.

This is a POWERFUL tip for doing fairs, festivals, etc. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Thank you for this.

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Fat Back,

I have an 84 Lang de-luxe. 325 is no problem - I can do that.

This may sound like a silly question, but I want to do this right with this exact timeline. There will be no room for error.

Are you saying 5-6 hrs for full butts - or half butts? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

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How about starting it at home early and then when you get ready to go to the event close the intakes and tow it there and fire it back up. I haven't done it yet but I sure have thought about it.
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Try what I did on my first butts...

See these pics...this is a 4 hour smoke until 145 degrees meat temp @ 185-200 smoke temp, then finished in a covered roaster (not foiled) with a dash of H2O for 4 hours @ 235 degrees. Meat was pink all the way through, and fell apart when I tried to take it out of the roaster pan, yummy!!! I didn't pull it, I just tossed it into a stainless bowl and it pretty much just shreaded itself. Put on French Crusty and chowed-down!!!


You could speed it up by doing your 1/2 piece, for 1/2 the smoke time, then covered roaster pan (or foil) @ bit higher temp than the 235 I ran for less time. Should be fine, I could'nt believe my eyes when I saw the results myself. I could have cut my cook time down to 1/2 half if I would have known what I was doing. It was my first butts, so...now I know.

Sounds like you got some fun coming up, so enjoy the labor of smoke, 'cause it's not really work anyway, is it? Have a great smoke!!!

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Wouldn't that be sort of like stopping the cook on partly cooked meat and then restarting? I wouldn't advise this unless it's a very short trip or the smoker has the thermal mass to hold a relatively small drop in temp before restarting the rig. Unless of course the meat temp was up to the done point, then you're just rewarming, no problem there.

Just my 2 cents...

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Sure, once you get to the foiling stage, up the temp. I easily go to 295 to 300º once wrapped, it will speed up your finishing time quite a bit and not hurt the butt at all.
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I have done 8.5 lb butts in 7 hours, so a smaller butt is doable.
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Good golly you have a lang, For most of us that is our dream, and it is for charity and people want to see the cooker in action, Find a way to do it on site, friends, take a day off or get up early. stay up all night. OMG I should have such problems
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Sorry, When I hear Lang I loose control
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Thanks Flash, you ARE nearing Smoke God status.

This helps - thanks, Brad PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hey, I love to cook, love to smoke, drive all over to find good Q - we eat out all the time - it is a money saving device - at least that is what I told my wife.

Actually, my company bought it - so it is deductible, but I/we/me still had to pay for it. PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif

The Lang 84 is a great value. Compare it to all the smokers out there - it is half to a third the price of similar cookers and that reverse draft is the trick.

There is a 60 twin up the road here for road-side Q - they only use the front grill - and they leave it out in the weather 365 - kills me to see that. Mine has never seen a drop of rain.

Save up for one and check Craig's List and eBay - they are on there from time to time.

Best, Brad

first day I got it -

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Nice lookin Lang dude!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Eric if it wasn't a Lang I wouldn't even have suggested it. A Lang is a little different and has some thermal mass to it. I wouldn't try a long drive but a short drive it should work fine.
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