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Hello from Jersey

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Wonderful forum. Been lurking for a while and have gotten terrific information and advice. I especially love the great pictures many of you post. I am very new to smoking. I haven't even bought a smoker yet!

I have been using a large clay flower pot (24" diameter), with a 29" diameter clay garden bowl as a lid. I installed handles on the top (or is it the bottom?) of the bowl for ease of removal (sucker weighs about 30 lbs) and a BGE replacement gasket around the top of the pot for better seal. The replacement grates (grill and charcoal) for a 22" Weber kettle work great for me (food goes on the big one up top, and a drip pan sits on the little one just above the heating element). Heat comes from a 1,000 watt coil heating element resting on 3 bricks. The power cord runs out the bottom of the pot through the drainage hole and plugs into a GFCI outlet wired to a 1,000 watt dimmer switch to allow heat modulation. Smoke now comes from a Big Kahuna Smoke Daddy from, through a 5/8" hole drilled into the side of the pot (I added a coupler and a 10" nipple to extend the smoke outlet to the very middle of the pot). I use wood pellets in the Smoke Daddy. I have done a couple of pork butts which came out great, several racks of ribs which have varied from just OK (first try) to very good (most recent try). My first brisket was an abject failure, and my second is in the smoker as I type. Wish me luck!

Lou in Jersey
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Good Luck! Quite the smoker you have pulled together. Enjoy the forum.
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Picture of My Clay Pot Smoker

Here is a picture of the setup, such as it is.
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That's VERY cool....ingenuity at it's best!! Good luck w/ da brisket..don't forget Q-view!!biggrin.gif
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Greeting Lou! that is a very cool smoker! good job!
I am wishing you luck from the west coast!, but if you did your homework here on SMF, your briskey will be top notch!
Can't wait to see the finshed yummy brisket are your slicing or pulling?
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Welcome aboard, look forward to hear your results.
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Welcome Lou.
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Welcome to the SMF, I've seen that setup before, and it it can do some great Q.
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Well, Brisket #2 is much better than my first try. The meat is not dry or chewy, and has good beefy flavor. Problems: (1) the outside is too intensely smoky; I think I need to foil sooner; (2) although the meat has good texture, it is not fork-tender. I smoked it open to about 180, then wrapped it in layers of HD foil to 190, then wrapped it in towels and held it in a cooler for an hour. I'm pleased with this as a step forward, but I have a ways to go.

Lou in Jersey

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