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Where does everybody buy the spices you use for your rub? Is there somewhere to buy large amounts of paprika, and pepper, and chili powder and such. Seems like I make a couple rubs and I am already out of paprika, or something like that.
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Spice barn. Now thats what I am talking about. But the other site, wow. Organic bubble gum flavored powder? I dont even want to know.
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Jeff the bubble gum may be a bit much but the apple and maple spices look interesting to me maybe even some of the citrus powders
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Here's another, been with them for 7 yrs,.
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17 teenth street market here in Tucson-has a isle for eastern-mex-and asian-american-and large containers.
post #9 of 9 best prices over all that I've found. Haven't ordered from others, so I can't comment on quality, but I've been very happy.
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