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Hey man the build is looking GREAT so far!!biggrin.gif All I can say is that great minds must think alike because I just finished a build like this just this past weekend, I havent had a chance to cook on it yet, still working out all of the bugs in it and trying to figure out which things to close and when to do so to get it to keep a steady temp up top... The one thing that is different on mine, I used a 33 gal. barrel for the bottom, me being the shorty that I am I thought that two 55 gal. would be little to tall for me.. the only problem I ran into was when I went to attatch the bottom legs and the legs between the two barrels, they did not want to fit the smaller diameter of 33 gal. barrel very well, but I made it work.. I hope your build goes GOOD for you and enjouy doing it.. Even though at times I had to stop and scratch my head a few times thnking about what to do next, it was still a BLAST.. I even had my wife and my 4yr. old boy helping out at times it was GREAT FUN!!!! I know this is a long post SORRY... I have to agree with you on the whole SAFETY first thing, I work with metal every day being a Tool&Die maker and some people dont give it the appreciation that it requires.. I have had a few specs of metal in my eyes in the past and I would have to agree with you they are nothing to be taken lightly!!!! Sorry again for the long winded post.. good luck with the build and looking forward to seeing more pics of it.. Hopefully sometime this week I can get some pics of mine uploaded to share with you all...
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Thanx smokinrookie!we gotta see some of your pics...get a chance postem!Lookin forward to swappin tips with ya!
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Hey MotorHedd, You brought up a really important and overlooked subject about the Personal Safety Equipment! Watch out with those torches also they can be real dangerous! I have a few horror stories of my own that I won't bore everyone with! Let's see the pics Smoknrookie...
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