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I was lazy and only made one brine. I dissolved 1 cup kosher salt, about 1/4 cup sugar, a couple tbs garlic powder, about 1 tbs sage, some onion powder and cbp into 4 cups water. Once the seasonings were disolved I added cold water and ice until I had one gallon total liquid. I put 9 turkey legs into 2 "gallon-size" ziploc bags and poured the brine in the bags until meat was completely covered. I put them in a large container without lid so they won't tip over in the fridge. They will go in the smoker tomorrow along with some other goodies. Thanks for all the info on brining.
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Good luck with that, sounds like its gonna be good
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This is a good method to cool the brine, however realize that you dilute the brine concentration with the ice. If you lessen the amount of water in the brine about a cup and use around 1.5-2 cups ice, it will be about right tho.
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CA... try a brined bird sometime. The point is flavoring and finished product moisture retention.

Also, a Stickey in the Mess. for all members and guests section has more info...
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Now walking dudes recipe looks the business. Much more of a marinade than a full blown brine. 3tbs of salt in the overall finished volume. Okay it'd taste a bit salty but nowhere near the levels of a standard brine.

And yep understand the process rich, just not that big on eating loads of salt. I work on the principle that there are Five tastes - salt is just one of them. I like the other four more :-)
I've seen serious chefs in england brining poultry. I know it goes on lol

I do a cracking lime marinade for pork steaks (sliced shoulder) that has no salt in it. Tends to go quicker than anything else at a bbq - well apart from the jumbo shrimp and scallop kebabs ;-)
WD's recipe looks the business.
Might try it as a marinade, cut the quantities down a little, reduce the salt a wee bit. Should be good :-)
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A proper brine does NOT taste salty. It's a chemical thing.
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In this case, we are brining for flavor and texture.

If we were brining for a cure, the salt proportions would be much more critical.
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