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First Brisket

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So last night I tried my hand at my first brisket. It was about 7.5#'s. I had rubbed it the night before and wrapped it in Saran wrap and placed in refrigerator. I placed on my electric ECB with some JD oak wood at 6 pm. the break down of temps and times are as follows:

Time Meat Temp Smoker Temp
7 pm 116 236
8 pm 148 244
9:30 pm 156 222
10:40 pm 159 220
1:30 am 162 200 ***wrapped in foil, place back on smkr
5:05 am 197 210
***off, cooler and wrapped in blankets
5:45 sliced the flat, pulled the point

It has great flavor and very moist but was disappointed that it had no visible smoke ring and was actually brown and not really a pink color to the internal meat. I did not sear the meat either. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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If you are very concerned with the smoke ring, take a piece of kingsford charcoal (not lump) and let it smolder with your chips. That should give you a ring.
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Try using chunks instead of chips.
Brisket should be brown inside, you just cooked the heck out of it! biggrin.gif
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I would like to know how ya got a refrigerated brisket from 40-45 degrees to 116 in an hr!PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif That just aint right.Maybe 90- 100 degrees.

smoke rings are overrated anyways!biggrin.gif
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How can you be dissappointed if it was juicy and flavorful? Most of the people that eat my brisket and rave about it don't even know what one is. I use an electric smoker so none of my briskets have a smoke ring but I don't believe that it affects the taste any.
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Did I cook it too long or too high of temps?
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Your right, the reviews are great. People loved it here at work. I put it out around 9 this morning and and its gone at 11 am.
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Not sure but it may have been closer to 5:30 on but pretty close to 7 it was 116.
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Absolutely not....
I'm saying you took a nasty cut of beef and slow smoked for 11 hrs...
Shouldn't be any pink inside.
Sounds like you did great, but since theres no pics, it probably was just a
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Yeah, I thought about doing Qview, but my wife already thinks I am crazy for taking all that time to make it. No complaints when she is eating it though!!!biggrin.gif
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Sounds like you did real good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Your wife will understand the importance of qview soon enough , just show her some of the pics on here. wink.gif
I'm lucky , my better half loves photography. After laughing at me the first few times and then seeing the pics here on smf , I've actually been elbowed out of the way and told that "me and my point and shoot camera can't get as good of a pic as she can with her big rig " And she was right PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

From one of my first smokes :

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