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A few questions

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Hi my name is matt. I recently bought a smoke hollow no.5 gas smoker, and have been having some trouble controling temp and moisture. The temp shoots up to 300*, and the water pan seems to be too far away from the heat source to properly evaporate. I was wondering if anyone can help out on some ideas to adjust the prob.
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Welcome to SMF Matt. I don't run a gasser, but plenty of folk here do. Someone will help ya out soon.
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Had same problem w/ mine when I first got. It seem ta settle down after a couple of uses though (valve working itself in I think). Water will evaporate where it is at cookin temps. Any closer and the water will boil..not lookin ta steam meat. Hope this helps... my 2cts.
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Also...Don't trust the temp gauge on the door, they are usually way off!
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Welcome to SMF . On the Forums page scroll down the page to the Propane Smokers forum, Someone there can probably help you out. Its near the middle of the page.
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