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another newbie

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Hey guys, i recently purchased a gas smoker and stumbled accross this site while looking for some tips. I am totally new to this world of smoking, but have loved to cook for a long time. i am a virginia resident, and look most forward to smoking ribs, pork tenderloins, briskets, and cheeses.

I look forward to learning the tricks of the trade through this site.
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Welcome to SMF VA! And one does not stumble across this site...they fall down into it inextricably trapped for ever! LOL! Enjoy your new addiction!
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Welcome aboard va!! This place will NOT let ya down!!!
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Welcometo SMF. Lots of great stuff here..great people from all walks of life one common bond creating the best que and haveing a good time doing it..the only dumb question is the one not asked.
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this is the best one i have seen yet and oh so accurate!!! welcome to smf, ck out the 5 day ecourse. jeffs rub n sauce are great. share a smoke with some qview!!!
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Like Alice down the rabbit hole. Welcome to the forum. It is just as adddicting as the food you will be making.
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Welcome, lots of great people and advice on this site, I've learned so much in a short amount of time.
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Hey Va,

I think baby back ribs are the first thing I smoked and when we ate them we knew exactly what we had been missing by cooking ribs in the oven. Dont get me wrong, I have made some great ribs in the oven. I think you need to be a good basic cook to be a good BBQ chef. However, the deep smokey flavor that my ECB added to the ribs just cant be done any other way. You have to smoke the meat to get that flavor that we are all addicted to. Glad to have you in the SMF and good luck with your smoking.
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Welcome VA.
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Welcome aboard, and ditto what Richtee said!
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welcome aboard
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wow Ricthee put it in perspective well "inextricably" trapped, perhaps I would have said!
Greetings, I have been to Alexandria, wonderful place your VA!
Happy Smokes......
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Welcome aboard VA. What part are you from. I used to live in So. MD.
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Welcome to the SMF, whichever way gets you here... is worth it.
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Welcome to SMF!You are most certainly gonna learn to smoke here!A lot of good ppl here to learn from.Lookin forward to your progress
Happy Smokes!
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What part of VA are you from?
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