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I am a new member and I am having a hard time understanding all the there a post on this? Qview I got, after I asked about. I am guessing its shorthand for different style pits?

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See your post below.
The green Qview.
Point your mouse on it and the definition pops up.
Hope this helps.
It's ingredients, smokers, other stuff.
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UDS = Ugly Drum Smoker
OTBS = Order Thin Blue Smoke, which is by invitation only.
JAP = A jalepeno pepper
MOD = TROUBLE, a person who works fer the man! Just kiddin yall, ya do a fine job here fer us!biggrin.gif
DO = Dutch Oven
CI = Cast Iron
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Ok ......gotcha now. Thankyou for the help
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FUBAR... well you KNOW that one. Think boiled ribs...biggrin.gif
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1. MODs - the folks that kept out forums safe for habitation!

2. MOD - a term that applies to a change to your smoker or grill, which leads to an incurable lifetime disorder in which you are always needing to do just "one more thing" to it...
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thx stands for Thanks
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