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Kingsford Hardwood Lump

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Anybody know anything about Kingsford Hardwood Lump? I live in the boonies & my nearest store ran out of the Lazzari Lump that i've been using & will not stock back up till spring. They say they will only stock the Kingsford. I smoke the thru the winter & hate it when I run out of decent lump.
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This might help:

Check it out!

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In addition to the NakedWhiz site, I have used the stuff. Works OK for me. Still like that R.O. lump, but it worked fine.
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I used it once a few months ago in my Weber kettle, I think I got a bad bag (moisture) because it took forever to get it lit and burning. Once it got going it worked fine, I used it for grilling some steaks, but haven't used it in my smoker.

I would still use Kingsford lump over their regular charcoal.
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Woods for smoking

I guess I shouldn't be worrying, I have a chicken in the smoker rite now. I couldn't see any difference in this coal than the best that I have used. Thanks guys for the replys.
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I've been using this since our local wally world stopped carrying R.O. I smoked a 9lb brisket and used around 1 1/2 bags on a 10 hours smoke. Although could of probably used less but was experimenting with a new baffle.
As for how it burns, i used a bag around 12 months back. Was awful stuff, popped and cracked and didn't last long. The bags i bought recently were a lot better. Had a god amount of large pieces, not too many small bits. I didn't notice any popping or spark showers, and it lasted a decent time too. I guess with lump it is possible to get a bad bag since it is not a uniformly manufactured thing.

My only reason for using the R.O over Kinsgford is the price. I get (was getting) R.O for 5.95 and the Kingsford for 6:99.
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You don't have a Wal-Mart nearby? Our closest Wal-Mart is about 30 miles so we typically only go once a month, so I always buy about 10 bags or so of Royal Oak. Sometimes we end up going twice a month and I again buy another 10 bags. Other alternative would be to order it off the website and shipped to you.
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What he said.
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does not work on electric like the briquets but does work great if lit in a chiney
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