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My old lady got the pic to fit (go figure). Hope you like it
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Nice rub going there! Looks like that thing is going to be good.

Were you able to get your grill temp up?
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Thanks. I got the meat to about 155 or so then wrapped it in aluminum foil and a towel and have it in the microvave to stay warm. I put new coals in and the temp stayed up for a while but has dropped back down. I also have a beer but chicken on ther ethat is almost done. Will post more pics of both when done. Overall i am happy with my first smoke but need to figure out how to keep up the temp. Thanks all for posting your helpful comments.
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I hope the micro is off...being foiled and all ;{) A cooler works best BTW.
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Yea its off I dont have a cooler though. Does any one know why you can the cooler will do so good?
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That rub looks tasty. I had been struggling with my fire at first too. I had my coals sitting on a grating so that the ashes would fall throught to the box underneath. I could get some great heat but it would only last :30 to :45 tops. As a result, I'd get some hellatious temperature swings inside my smoker. One day, I had some chicken quarters and fajitas and decided to try putting the coals directly in the ash drawer. I've been doing that ever since. I get a consistent temperature for about 1:45 before it starts to slowly decrease. I've also seen a dramatic improvement with the smoke rings (weird..).

As far as the smoke goes, I get a ton of smoke at first (or when I add more briquettes). Then it reduces to a thinner puffy cloud like output. Then there comes a point when the smoker emits virtually NO smoke. I've learned that the quantity of smoke within the cooking chamber isn't that important - the temperature is what seems to help the smoke penetrate the meat. I could be wrong but that's been my observation.

Ventilation is also very important. I don't have a way to regulate the output but I keep the input ALMOST to the point suffocation. That way, I get a long, even burn.

I hope you're able to solve your heat problem. Happy Smoking

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Thanks M1 The Chicken is almost done and I will Put Pics up. Me an my dad have been trying to figure this heat thing out all day. I think it turned out good though am looking forward to the next smoke
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The cooler works (as long as there is no ice in it...hehe) as an insulator and allows the meat to re-distribute/absorb the juices usually expelled from the meat during cooking in the foil and such or something like that. I am sure someone can explain better. All I do know is it does work very well as I have started doing the wrap and store method since coming here to SMF.

What type of smoker do you have? I have a Silver Smoker with a side fire box and it took me a few modifications to the smoker to tune it in. Check out a few of these posts that helped me out when I first came here.
Depending on what type of smoker you have each of the forums there will help you out with modifications that can help you keep a good temperature and distribute the heat evenly if needed.
This link also helped me out and there are instructions/suggestions on if you charcoal as well.

Feel free to post and ask specific questions everyone here is very friendly and has been very helpful from my experience.
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Coolers are made to keep things at the temp you put them in at. "Cooler" is a bad thing to call it. It should be called a "maintainer" LOL! You can even "preheat" them with a gallon of hot water, then dump and add the meat.
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