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Im Smoking a Chuck Tender Roast and a beer but chivken right now. The temp is staying consitentant at about 220-230. This is the first smoke i have done. The smoke out of the smoke stack keeps going away. About every 30 mins. is this normal or do you need to keep adding Chunks of wood. I am using the minion methodwith unburnt coals on bottom with wood chunks on top of hot coals. Help me please Thanks
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You will need to add chunks or chips as you go. With that said tho remember if you can smell the wood so can the meat. The idea is to have thin blue smoke not billowing white smoke
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Exactly what Piney said, plus, depending on the size of the chunks you may be able to load more in there than what you have as I'm not sure what you started out with.

Nice temp you're maintaining.
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Do you flip the meat at all?
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As stated above just because you do not see smoke does not mean you are not smoking. Give it some time even if you do not see smoke. Keep in mind though you could have a fire with the chunk/chips check make sure you do not have a fire going. If it is just a matter of your wood burnt out wait a bit in between adding chunks.

Are you soaking the wood in water before adding? If not this may help out some.
T&B (Thin and Blue) and S&L (Slow and Low) are the way to go.
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I don't flip. Just let it sit.
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I don't flip either with the door or lid closed the smoke gets all around it
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What temperatures are you planning on cooking the meat and how much does the chicken and beef weigh?
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Thanks All

Thabks everyone. I will Let you know how it goes later andmaybe post some pics. If I need anything else ill be back.
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its about a 3 pound beef and 3 pound chicken. Dunno on the ending temp for the beef though
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Check this link out for cooking times.


3lbs will not take that long to smoke. You may want to wrap it in foil so it does not dry out. Also make sure you spray or mop it with something.
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Thanks I got a Apple juice Apple Cider Vinegar mix to mop it with
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My temp is stuck at about 185 it aint movin
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Chicken temp?? It's done!
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sorry the grill temp is there not the food
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muscle, when I load up my charcoal box I place wood chunks in with the briquettes; of couse the depth of your charcoal box will determine how much wood you can layer in with the briquettes.

As to your temp drop-has your charcoal burnt down? Sounds like it's time to load back up.
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I totally forgot about the coals I just started a new set of coals to throw in there Thanks alot everyone
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We're here to help! Don't forget to post some q-view. What kind of smoker are you using?
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Ive got a chargriller with the side basket. How do you post pics i tried and said it was to big
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That link should help out on posting pic's
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