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Looking for a large Klose Offset

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I am looking for a large klose offset like a 30 x 8 or10 with an insulated firebox 2 axels upright ok and or steak grill
Roy Kennedy
518 469-0538
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I have one-how's it going Roy?

Just thought I would give ya a yank.
Good ta see ya still on the lists.
Dave Klose
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Hey Dave...great pits. MAybe when I grow up LOL! Nice to see ya here.
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welcome dave.... nice wheres the q-view.....biggrin.gif
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hey roy forgot to say hi and welcome to you.... welcome to smf.....
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Welcome Dave!

Welcome Dave! or should I say Mr. Klose? Hey Man, I really like the unit you built for Little Dan here in Maine. He is a really good guy and has it smoken every day!

Rich? Aren't you gonna make Dave do rollcall? LOL

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Hmm yer right...Stop into the Roll Call forum and make a post Dave, and tell us all what we already know ;{)
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Welcome to the forum Dave!

Roy, good luck in finding your pics of it if you get a chance. :)
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Hi Dave,

Did you build the amazing trike in your avatar?

Good luck Roy.

May be worth a post in Roll Call so we don't take Roy's thread OT or Hijack it ;)

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Back on topic - I hear there's a guy in Houston that has a lot of Klose pits for sale. Let's see... what was his name again? LOL
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