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Temp on Chicken?

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Hi there everyone-

I am having a nice smokey day today. Don't worry I will Q-view later. Ive done ATBs, Ribs, Butt is still on and will be for a while. Since I had her going for the butt, I decided to through on Chicken Quarters. So the reason for this post- at what temp is the chicken done?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday!!
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If I remember correctly it's 180...Good smoke to you!

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I would go to 170° to 175° in the thickest part.
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Here ya go this is also located on the left side of the board
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What temp is chix done?

170 for breast only or roasts, 180 for pieces & dark meat.
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Whooo hooo- thank you all so much for your quick responses! icon_smile.gif
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170 is the norm, however I go ta 175* just ta be safe, still have nice juicy chicken. The thin with chicken is, yer skin ain't gonna be super crispy like fried, I cook mine at 250* an spritz with Slaughterhouse spritz each hour an get a very decent skin an very nice sheen on the bird.

Others cook at higher temps ta try an get that crispy skin. The choice is a gonna be yers. Yall gonna have ta experiment with that.
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