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New and ready to learn

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My name is Kurt Whalen, I'm married with 1 son.

I've been an out door cooking enthusiast for years. I cook on a homade Fire Pit (37' internal diamater) sometimes using a 22' skillet, a small Weber Charcoal grill, and My new Masterbuilt Electric Smoke house.

I convinced my wife to let me buy a Masterbuilt electric smokehouse (MES) when I got a bonus from work and it's paid for itself already as much as we use it. She even admitted that it was a good buy!

I've been reading this forum ever since I bought the MES and finally decided to join, and hopefully give a little back to the Forum that has given my family so much.

Some things I've cooked in my MES so far are:

Beer can Duck and Chicken.
Chicken wings
Prime Rib roast - best I've ever eaten icon_exclaim.gif
Baby Back ribs
various sausages
Corn on the cob - best I've ever eaten icon_exclaim.gif
Shrimp - best I've ever eaten icon_exclaim.gif
Brisket (whole Packer)

Some things I'm looking forward to cooking in my MES but haven't yet:

Baked beans
Corned beef Brisket

I look forward to getting some pics up and sharing some of my recipies with all of you.
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Welcome to SMF Kurt,sounds like you got a good start on the smokin,look forward to your first Qview
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WOW, it's an IOWA'N, finally getting a few more from our state.

WELCOME, glad ya found us!!!
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Welcome desertfox from another Iowan. Don't forget the q-view. We like pictures of what everyone smokes.
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Welcome to SMF Kurt! Lots of MES users here- yer sure to get some help and give back what ya can! Enjoy!
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Definitely glad to have you with us at SMF, Kurt! Looks like a might fine resumé so far. One thing cut of meat I noticed missing from the list was a boston butt, or pork shoulder. Have you tried smoking either of those for pulled pork (just curious).

Good luck, and we're happy to have you!
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I haven't tried a boston butt or pork sholder yet because my wife loves pulled pork so I'm kind-a waiting to do some other things first out of fear that once She starts eating the pulled pork that's all we'll smoke. icon_smile.gif

I just read up on the ABT's and am definitely doing some of those tomorrow (if the weather allows)

Thanks for all the welcomes
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Welcome to SMF. I have only been here a short time but have learned a lot from this great group of people. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your Q.
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welcome to smf, great site with friendly people who will help if needed. site is chock full of info and the search works!!! cant wait to see a smoke on qview!!!
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You sound like you will be a great addition to the smokey family!
you will have those exclimation dots after all of you smokes soon.
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Glad to have you as part of the SMF, and congrats on the MES too!
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Welcome! You will find much info and friendly folks here. Congrats on the smoker.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Kurt, Nice having you aboard
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! Sounds like yall been busy an gonna fit right in!
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Welcome aboard bud . Good job on your smokes ! just don't forget the q-views for us to look at !
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