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Poultry NOT injected with a solution

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Is there anywhere, anyplace where I can find poultry NOT injected with a solution to enhance flavor? I liked the old poultry so much better and have had to give up poultry since last November...when the practice became global?
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yes! plenty of places... try whole foods market. they don't sell meat with anything added.
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BTW, it's nice to meet you. why don't you introduce yourself to the gang in the roll call section. tell us what kind of smoker you're using etc.
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I don't believe that most of the birds that Sams sells are injected or anything.
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I get mine at Bj's Wholesale Warehouse and Trader Joe's
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I am in agreement here and whole birds are also .78/pnd for 4-5 pnd birds if you buy 2 at a time. Pretty cheap if you ask me.
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My hen house, but you best stay out of there. I'm a pretty good shot wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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lol...Flash, that's what I was going to say. Mine are scattered all around the farm yard right now eating bugs. :)
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Do you have a local meat locker or butcher shop? That is where i get most of my flesh for sacrificing to the smoke gods.
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Honest it is a real place...

Sorry i dont have a catalog

I do get that look a lot when i ask the question "I'm running to Bj's, do you need anything?"eek.gif
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Flashes henhouse is the place to get the best.
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