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hi from me

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Got a smoky mountain smoker,learning to burn[grrr].Mid Manitoba next to Riding Mountain National Park.Love to read and eat,like experimenting,hate burning food.HI ALL
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Welcome to SMF Hungryone
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welcome... you've come to the right place...
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Hi ya hungry one ..... welcome aboard!!
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glad you joined up, you willl quickly learn all you want on this site.
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Welcome to SMF! And at 225-250°'s hard to burn food...looks like yer in the right place! LOL Enjoy!
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Welcome Hungry one, glad to have you aboard. :)
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Welcome to smf. Dont worry about burning it, just tell em that its the Bark.
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LOL! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hi back at ya. glad you joined us. good folks here to answer any question you may have. you will be smokin like a pro in short order.
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welcome to smf!!! you wont be hungry for long hangin with this bunch!!!!
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Thank you,I see a lot of people on line.Will be my first stop every day.Been using a bbq in a shed on wheels[looks like a fishing or hunting shack]for smoking and bbqing,its cold here in winter, been doing fine till I got this Smoky mountain.Gotta do a lot of reading.
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Welcome hungry one, glad you joined us...
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