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Smoked Muscles

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Has anyone ever smoked muscles and if so how would you do it?
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i haven't, but pretty sure oysters have been........should be the same???
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I've done crab, shrimp and lobster...sorry, no oysters or muscles
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I've eaten smoked mussels - really really good.
If it was me I'd smoke them on a fairly low heat for an hour or so and then prod them (lol)
The smoked mussels I've had come in oil in tins and are very soft. They make a great sandwich filling with a little mayo and practically break apart when you handle them.

Now you've got me thinking - wonder if costco do bags of mussels - going on thursday, hmmm....
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Smoked ALOT of muscles. Now, you mean MUSSELS of course ;{)
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Dang you are correct mussels. biggrin.gif

How did you do them?
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