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new frontiers

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Howdy, Davecatmanpowers here, I just completed building my smoker out of a 200 gal. air comp. tank and a 30gal. air tank for the fire box, it's mounted on a small trailer, and has two 35X35 slide out racks, the first outing was okay, mostly consisted of learning what the smoker wanted draft wise, cooked a chicken, beef ribs and corn on the cob and two potatoes, man do I have alot to learn, thanks, David...
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David, welcome from another Okie! Would love to see pics of your smoker. :)
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thanks cowgirl, I just uploaded it as my avitar, it's not pretty hope it's okay with everyone...
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Welcome aboard, Dave!

We do not care about pretty...if it works it is beautiful!

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YER rite dave its not pretty.its MANLY!welcome to SMF!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome aboard David! Don't make it too purty....I'm still making mods on my homebuilt.
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she is a buty, did you name her yet?

can't wait to see some more of what she can turn out.
you will have a great time here.
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Dave welcome to SMF and congrats on the build. Its not how it looks but how it smokes thats important. I'll be looking forward to seeing some Qview of the great Q it produces. Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome to smf!!! sounds like a nice build... ck ot the free ecourse and get that smoker figgered out and you be making masterpieces in no time. dont forget to share with qview!!!
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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to view the avtar larger? I'm trying to squint at it, but can't make out much detail.

BTW, Welcome Dave from a Hoosier. Man, I wish you would have kept Ralph Sampson... what a mess.
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Howdy Dave and welcome aboard bud !
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