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New Lang 6000 Exclusive!

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My unreliable sources tell me that in a top secret project a new lang smoker is being built for Smokin Steve.Its called the lang 6000 and should be able to handle a few more cuts of meat then the lang 60.As I get more info I will update!

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Reported as Spam.....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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LOLOL...that would make a nice one Motor!!!
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And I have it on good authority that this new whiz bang contraption will be put on a special trailer all its own! I kinda figgered it out when Smokin' Steve PMed me asking about how tough it would be to get a class A CDL with Tank and Hazmat endorsements!


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I quess this smoker would be all we would need to feed the entire SMF family. Semi load of hogs and some sharp knives.
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Hmmm is that the deal he was working on when he asked me for info on the Pratt-Whitney jet engine? His firebox igniter?
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Gonna need a fork truck to rotate the racks around for even cooking....wink.gif
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I wondered why this was heading toward Steve's place guess I know now biggrin.gif

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I thought this would be hooked up to the firebox biggrin.gif

Edit to add :

This one is cool too !
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Can ya cook up my 5lb bag of wings on it for me? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Class A triple trailer hazmat needs butts

SSHHHHH--I already have a class A triple trailer hazmat! , but i just can't seem to donate my organs.

Don't tell everyone what I am up too, I need secrecy here.

Hey, anyone know where I can get a 1000 butts?
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Nudist colony fer the 1000 butts?
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