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Fractured Butt!

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biggrin.gif Found a package of pork steak fairly cheap at Walmart last Tuesday, put in freezer and pulled on Friday, let thaw in fridge. Put rub on them this morning, will smoke this afternoon using the 2-2-1 sparerib method, see how they turn out!
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Just pulled them off, probably should have foiled only an hour vs. 2. Super tender but a bit dry, still good tho!
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Pops, this is the beauty of smoking. You gained great knowledge today. Food still tastes great but next time look out.
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Pork steak???? Damn never thought of that one. Sounds excellenticon_rolleyes.gif Sounds like what I will be doing next

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Nice job Pops
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Every area has its quirky cuts and styles. I don't know that i have ever seen this cut here before.

In KY, we have these things called Country Style Ribs - bone or boneless - my wife's fave.

I like BB ribs or full racks, but these Country style dudes are awesome and always a crowd pleaser.

To make your steaks "wetter", have you tried a splash of Bourbon, Coke, or Root Beer in the foil? I do that often, it is great.
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I used apple juice in the foil, just cooked them too long. It's just sliced pork butt into pork steaks; couldn't afford a whole butt. I pulled it though into smaller pieces and we snacked on it during the Cowboys game; great bark flavor too! The burnt pieces the dog just loved, so we all got good eats out of it!
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Nothing special there workoutchamp. It's just a pork butt sliced.
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Pops knows what they was, he's probably sliced a few before!icon_smile.gif

I think if I was to ever try that cut(other than in the fry pan) I would rub em, smoke em to 150-160, stack em all together,like putting the butt back whole( that sounded funny) and wrapping in foil, back in the smoker till 180-190. I bet they would de-bone themselves, and swim in the juice!icon_smile.gif
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There you go - that's why I like them so much. We do them just like "ribs". Rub, smoke for a few hours - wonderful.
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