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QUestion on regarding when to pull

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I know that must have raised some eyebrows but.... The question is: Is it better to leave the pork whole if you will not be eating it right away. If I smoke the pork today but won't be eating it for two days is better to leave whole and then reheat and pull. If so what should I reheat it to before pulling. Thanks!
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I would pull it and then eat later. Easy to pull when freshly hot. Place the pulled pork in some baggies and freeze. To reheat throw the baggy in a pot of boiling water. Heat and eat. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Pull it, then store it. Ifin it's only gonna be a day er two it'll keep fine in the ice box. Any longer an I'd freeze it. Save the golden juice from the cooler, put in a mason jar then inta the fridge, scrape the fat offin the top an use this when ya warm up yer pork. Yall can add some finishin sauce ifin ya like, but I'd do that after ya warm it up just before ya serve.
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If I'm doing a whole pan I go ahead and pull right into that pan and defat and add the juice after pulling and foil before going into the fridge. When I get ready to reheat I turn the oven on at 250* pull the foil off add some finishing sauce replace the foil and stick it in till warm.
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It seems to me any thing you cook loses a little bit of flavor when reheated. You can add the flavor back in by mixing in the juices or adding flavor with a finishing sauce but for the best flavor possible I like the meat fresh off the smoker.(or out of the oven if you finish in there). The roast I cooked last weekend was simply unbelievable out of the oven. Bursting with flavor. After I pulled it then reheated later it just wasn't the same. I did baste it with some juice and added flavor back to it but it wasn't as good as it was fresh outta the box.
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I beileve it sometimes tastes better later, possibly because you need to step away from the smoke for abit. When I do ribs, I would rather eat them the next day. I just reheated some ribs I done a few weeks ago and thought they where better than the first day. And mid last week had some frozen brisket thawed of course that was outstanding. I wouldn't worry one bit and like flash and the others said, pull it while it is still warm.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Although I like it fresh off the smoker too. It seems though that if you have been standing around the smoke all day to don't notice the smoke flavor as much as your guests do.

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I would pull it, place it in bags and reheat, as has been suggested.
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