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Checking Sausage Temp

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When making sausage how do you check the internal temp of the sausage without piercing the casing?
Do you check it through the tied end?

can you tell I'm new at this sausage thingicon_smile.gif
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And posting I gather LOL! Seriously... no way I know. Assuming ALL links to be fairly equal well as grill only need to violate one... ;{)
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what rich said............the sausage will seal itself..........when you stuff sausage, you get air pockets, and you ***** these with a pin.......and they will seal, so will the hole the temp probe makes..........
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Doesn't work w brats on the grill FOR SURE!
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i was talking more along the line of summer sausages
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LOVE summer sausage, thuringer, jiternice, GOOD STUFF!
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I poke it right through the casing. I also don't poke the probe in until the meat has already cooked for a good while. For example, I often smoke at a lower temp, say 135 for a couple/few hours, then raise the temp to 165-180 and start monitoring for the finished temp.
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I gather up what is left after stuffing from the stuffer and stuffer tube; it makes a nice little 1/2 lb. chub or so. I put the probe into that and let it cook on the top rack - it's a bit thicker than the sausages and when that reaches temp I know the sausages have. Then I eat it!
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I pierce both brats and italians without any problem. Natural casings. When i grill sausages, i dont think we need the internal temps
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